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  • Pluggerz hobby

    Ear plugs Pluggerz Hobby. Noise protection for hobbies. Excessive noise can cause irreparable damage. Using a hammer drill, angle grinder or other loud tools, make wearing hearing protection vital. The Pluggerz Hobby features a unique sound filter that attenuates harmful noise to safe levels. An advantage of Pluggerz is that you are able to communicate...

    12,46 €
  • Pluggerz sleep

    Ear plugs Pluggerz Sleep. Noise protection to sleep. Do you have trouble with annoying noises that keep you awake? With the Pluggerz Sleep you can count on a comfortable night's sleep. The unique filters help remove background sounds without completely sealing off the ear - so that you can still hear your alarm clock and other important noises such as...

    12,46 €
  • Pluggerz travel

    Ear plugs Pluggerz Travel Noise protection for travelers. People travelling by aircraft are often faced with large pressure differences, which can be experienced as an irritating pressure and can sometimes be painful. Pluggerz Travel has a unique filter and ensures that the pressure on your ear is reduced. Descending and climbing feels much more...

    12,46 €
  • Pluggerz swim

    Ear plugs Pluggerz Swim. Noise protection for swimmers. Trouble with sensitive ear canals? Then having water in the ears is particularly annoying and sometimes painful. Pluggerz Swim are specially developed for swimming, bathing and showering. These unique earplugs close the ear canal during swimming and keep the ear canal watertight, but do not affect...

    12,46 €
  • Pluggerz read

    Ear plugs Pluggerz Read. Noise protection for readers. If you don't want to be disturbed by noise from outside when you are studying, working or reading, Pluggerz Read is the solution. Our earplugs attenuate as much noise as possible, so that you can achieve optimum concentration.

    12,46 €
  • Pluggerz shoot

    Ear plugs Pluggerz Shoot. Noise protection for shooters and hunters. On average, the noise from a gun is well above the pain threshold. Every shot means a high risk of hearing damage. The more often you shoot, the greater the risk of hearing damage. And hearing damage is permanent.

    12,46 €

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