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  • Audispray Ear Hygiene

    Audispray Two sprays in each ear, 2 to 3 times a week.Recommended for wearers of hearing aids. Audispray is a natural solution containing sea water that cleans the ears and prevents formation of earwax.

    9,38 €
  • Audispray Wax Plugs

    Audispray Wax Plugs Two sprays in each ear, morning and evening.A 5-day course of treatment.Can be used from the age of 3 years. Audispray Wax Plugs, a modern aqueous complex with a rapid cerumenolytic effect.

    8,44 €
  • Audistim - 60 tablets day/night - Food supplement

    AUDISTIM day/night 60 tablets day/night Food supplement 2 tablets per day, 1 in the morning (day), 1 at night (night, 30 minutes to 1 hour before going to bed). It is essential to continue the first course for at least three months to achieve the desired results. Treatment may then be prolonged for continued benefits.

    22,23 €
  • Audistim - 60 tablets day/night - Food supplement

    SAFRASTIM+ Triple Action 60 gélules, 30 jours, 30 nuits. Complément alimentaire 2 gélules par jour, 1 matin (jour), 1 le soir (nuit, 30 minutes à 1 heure avant le coucher). Troubles de l’humeur, moral en berne ?SAFRASTIM+ Triple Action vous soulage ! Tant au masculin qu’au féminin, grâce à sa composition unique et naturelle, SAFRASTIM+ Triple action...

    22,18 €
  • Audistim day

    Audistim Day A formula similar to AUDISTIM DAY/NIGHT, WITHOUT MELATONIN, for subjects: Who do not want to or cannot take melatonin Who are already taking benzodiazepine treatment: (sleeping pills, tranquilizers, etc.) Who do not have trouble falling asleep or sleeping. Ginkgo Biloba aids the blood’s peripheral microcirculation and helps maintain good...

    20,33 €
  • Audistim EQUILIBRE
    Audistim équilibre

    AUDISTIM EQUILIBRE 2 tablets mornings or evenings. Must be taken for at least three months to observe the expected results. Continue taking the supplement thereafter to maintain its beneficial actions.

    18,86 €
  • Mucodistim - 60 capsules

    Mucodistim Throat clearing, reflux, mucus, secretions, irritation… is this affecting your quality of life? MUCODISTIM® will bring the relief you seek! Frustrated by persistent throat clearing? Lithocétine® and GABA act on the pH of gastric acidity and reduce sphincter relaxation to promote elimination of mucus while fighting reflux. Inflammation and...

    18,91 €
  • Ronchostim - Spray nasal 30 ml

    Ronchostim Ronflements, sécheresse, Epistaxis.A l’efficacité scientifiquement prouvée, Ronchostim® va agir sur le ronflement et les sécheresses nasales, l’efficacité du produit en termes de « réduction des ronflements » est due à l’action hydratante de Ronchostim®. La présence de chlorure de sodium, de polysorbate et de glycérine dans la formulation...

    12,42 €

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