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  • Audispray Ear Hygiene

    Audispray Two sprays in each ear, 2 to 3 times a week.Recommended for wearers of hearing aids. Audispray is a natural solution containing sea water that cleans the ears and prevents formation of earwax.

    9,38 €
  • Audispray Wax Plugs

    Audispray Wax Plugs Two sprays in each ear, morning and evening.A 5-day course of treatment.Can be used from the age of 3 years. Audispray Wax Plugs, a modern aqueous complex with a rapid cerumenolytic effect.

    8,44 €
  • Mucodistim - 60 capsules

    Mucodistim Throat clearing, reflux, mucus, secretions, irritation… is this affecting your quality of life? MUCODISTIM® will bring the relief you seek! Frustrated by persistent throat clearing? Lithocétine® and GABA act on the pH of gastric acidity and reduce sphincter relaxation to promote elimination of mucus while fighting reflux. Inflammation and...

    18,91 €
  • Audistim day

    Audistim Day A formula similar to AUDISTIM DAY/NIGHT, WITHOUT MELATONIN, for subjects: Who do not want to or cannot take melatonin Who are already taking benzodiazepine treatment: (sleeping pills, tranquilizers, etc.) Who do not have trouble falling asleep or sleeping. Ginkgo Biloba aids the blood’s peripheral microcirculation and helps maintain good...

    20,33 €
  • Ronchostim - Spray nasal 30 ml

    Ronchostim Ronflements, sécheresse, Epistaxis.A l’efficacité scientifiquement prouvée, Ronchostim® va agir sur le ronflement et les sécheresses nasales, l’efficacité du produit en termes de « réduction des ronflements » est due à l’action hydratante de Ronchostim®. La présence de chlorure de sodium, de polysorbate et de glycérine dans la formulation...

    12,42 €

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